Stenciling & Painting Passenger Engines - Wabash RailRoad -1946

$ 240.00 USD

This is a very detailed 1946 Wabash Railroad Company Stenciling & Painting (Passenger Engines) blueprint. This seems to be the stenciling & painting of the engines Passenger Engines Class PI, Passenger Engines Wabash Class E4, J1-2, Ann Arbor Class E5-6 as noted in the blue print. It is framed. There is some aging and creases seen in the actual blueprint.

  • History: In the 1940s, Wabash has become one of the "most important rail traffic arteries" in the United States. After the war, the Wabash Railroad company invested into new facilities, modernization and greatly improved its passenger train equipment!
  • Dimensions (framed): 26 inches wide, 16 inches high.

Other identifying features.

  • The upper right hand side includes a note that says "Stenciling and painting for switch and freight engines shown on print 6147.
  • ON the upper right hand side, it notes that there was a change of an "emblem added" in 9-8-1948
  • The lower right hand side has two signatures for "chk" and "app." and a note that says "this print supersedes print 1897."


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